Biodegradable thermal wall paper cup 200 ml / 8 oz

Double-layer thermal paper cups, thanks to their special construction and air chamber, best insulate heat. They are used in gastronomy to serve take-away hot drinks and places that offer their clients the highest customer experience. At the bottom has a white unprinted foot about 1 cm high.

The cups are available in white as well as with individual printing, which is available starting from 1,000 pieces.

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100% Biodegradable

It’s a paper cup that’s fully biodegradable. In its production, we use paper coated with polylactide (PLA) – a safe material for people and the environment. This product complies with current standards, and all of this is for our future. This cup is suitable for both cold and hot drinks.

Thermal insulation

Thermic Wall is a paper cup in which between two layers of paper we used a special chamber with air. By using this technology, this cup best insulates heat from all types of our products, making it best suited for takeaway hot drinks.

For hot drinks to go

Excellent print quality goes hand in hand with the best thermal insulation. It is most often chosen by gastronomies – cafes, confectioneries and restaurants. It also works well in exclusive service points such as hotels, SPAs and car dealerships. It will be your best choice if you want to serve your customers with the best experience while drinking hot coffee or tea.

High-quality print

If you dream about the best print quality, this is the cup for you. The colours are vivid and comparable to those of a colour magazine. This cup has a white, unprinted ‘foot’ at the bottom of the cup of about 1 cm height. The standard finish is glossy.

Additional information

Weight0,001 kg
Custom print




Thermal insulation

Maximum temperature

Pojemność napoju


Top diameter

Bottom Diameter



VolumeProduction Time
1000 – 99000up to 5 weeks
100000 – 250000up to 6 weeks


Pieces in the pack25
Pieces in the box500
Box dimensions34 x 41 x 51 cm
Box weight5.5 kg
Pallet weight125 kg
Product Pieces
on 1 euro pallet
Max. boxes
in 1 package
Weight of package16.5 kg
Max. product pieces
in 1 package


Download the cup template 

You can prepare the graphic design of the print yourself using the template below. Pay attention to all guidelines. This is very important and affects the final effect of your product.

However, if you need help, you can use our additional services and design it with us.