Graphic design correction

This is an option for you if you already have a graphic design, but you need some minor adjustments.

Perhaps your graphic designer has prepared a rectangular graphic design, and now it has to be bend and put on our template, or for example, it requires changing of some texts. As always, we limit the corrections to three.

Or maybe this time you don’t want to change anything, but only to order a different capacity of a cup or bowl with the same print as before? In such a situation, we will adapt your design into our appropriate product template.

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Small corrections (max. 3 possible corrections) of the finished graphic design provided by the customer. For example, bending and applying the finished graphic design or logo to the rainbowcups template. Alternatively: rework the supplied graphic design from one cup capacity to another or from a template provided into a rainbowcups template. For each cup capacity calculated separately.