PET plastic cup 200 – 250 ml

Plastic cups are perfect for serving refreshing drinks. PET material makes them smooth and fully transparent. They are also thicker and stiffer than popular plastic mugs made of PP.

The cups are available without imprint and with individual imprint, which we realize from 1250 pieces.

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It is a plastic cup, for the production of which we use the popular PET plastic and rPET, i.e. a recycled material. It has a smooth and fully transparent surface, and at the same time it is stiffer and stronger than plastic cups made of polypropylene or polystyrene.

Perfect for cold products

It is a single-layer plastic cup. It can withstand a maximum temperature of less than 60 degrees Celsius , which is why it is perfect for summer or completely cold drinks.

For refreshing drinks

Appreciated especially by gastronomy and fitness clubs. It is perfect for lemonade, freshly squeezed juices, shakes and conditioners, smoothies and fruit salads.
It works well wherever it is important that the contents of the mug are visible and that it encourages customers to buy with its freshness. When buying them, do not forget about lids and thick straws.


For orders below 60,000 items, the price includes a good-quality print made in the pad printing technique, in 4 colors without tonal transitions, in a strictly limited print area. Remember that the logo on both sides of the mug is an additional 15% compared to the price of the mugs.
For orders over 60,000 items, it is possible to print in 4 colors around the cup. For an additional fee, you can use up to 8 colors.

Additional information

Weight0.0004 kg
Custom print




Thermal insulation

Maximum temperature

Beverage capacity:


Top diameter

Bottom Diameter

Vending machines


One-sided, Two-sided

VolumeProduction Time
1250 – 50000up to 6 weeks


Pieces in the pack50
Pieces in the box1250
Box dimensions39 x 39 x 48 cm
Box weight8.3 kg
Pallet weight215 kg
Product Pieces
on 1 pallet
Max. boxes
in 1 package
Weight of package24.9 kg
Max. product pieces
in 1 package


Download the cup template 

You can prepare the graphic design of the print yourself using the template below. Pay attention to all guidelines. This is very important and affects the final effect of your product.

However, if you need help, you can use our additional services and design it with us.