How to Calculate the Total Cost of Custom Paper Cups, and How to Order them?

How to calculate the Total Cost of a Custom Paper Cups order?

Hover over individual cards and determine the total cost using an example order of 1000 pcs. of KPI-200SW branded paper cups with individual print and accessories.

Branded paper cups


102 EUR


+ Accessories (optional)

1000 pcs. COFFEE LIDS W-80 + 1000 pcs. WOODEN STIRRERS MD14

39 EUR

+ Graphic design (optional)


19 EUR


+ Delivery


20 EUR

(depending on the country)

= Total cost


180 EUR*

* Current prices can be found in the custom paper cups price list.


Included in price

  • Free paper cup template pdf for design
  • Full-colour individual paper cup print using 4 CMYK colours
  • The whole print area around the custom paper cup
  • Any number of Logo on the branded paper cup

Paid additionally

  • Printed paper cups graphic design
  • Custom paper cup graphic design correction, logo bending, proof simulation, visualisation
  • Accessories (coffee lids, stirrers, drinking straws, printed sugar)
  • Delivery (also express service)

Convenient ordering in just 5 steps

We know how important to you are the time and convenience of ordering branded paper cups, so the whole process has been simplified to just five steps.

1. Quotation

You can submit an inquiry via the website or by writing directly to


2. Payment

Do not wait with the payment for the finishing of the graphic design. Thanks to that, we could start production immediately after your acceptance of the finished design.

3. Graphic design

You can do the paper cups graphic design by yourself using rainbowcups paper cups free templates pdf or ask us to do it for you.


4. Production

We print, fold and pack your cups.

5. Delivery

The delivery time is counted from the time the graphic design is accepted and the prepayment is received on our account.

Printed Paper Cup Graphic Design or Correction

You can prepare the graphic design for free on your own, using the free paper cups template pdf or have it done by us. Rainbowcups graphic designers can prepare them or put them on a bent template for a surcharge specified in the price list.

Regardless of the option you choose, remember to accept the paper cup graphic design quickly. This will allow us to start production.

The condition to start production

The requirement for launching the production besides the Graphic Design Acceptance is a 100% advance payment. It is a product with the customer’s Logo, and we cannot sell it to anyone else.

The difference in branded paper cups price list PLN vs EUR

The printed paper cups price list in PLN is valid only for companies registered in Poland and delivery place in Poland. Companies registered outside of Poland or deliveries outside of Poland are subject to a price list in EUR

Delivery and production time

Delivery time is counted from the moment the custom cup graphic design on the rainbowcups template is accepted (Graphic Design Acceptance ), and the prepayment is received in our bank account. Delivery time is extended by any holidays and work breaks that fall within their duration.

Delivery to many locations

We have a packaging, distribution and logistics centre, so that we can deliver your order divided based on a distribution list directly to individual outlets, premises, or freely confection (separate pricing). In this case, the delivery time will be longer.

Detailed order conditions

You will find all the necessary information and detailed order conditions in our terms and conditions.

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