Graphic Design

Rainbowcups can prepare for you a graphic design of a branded paper cup, ice cream cup or portioned sugar. We can design it from scratch, or make only some minor adjustments to the existing design. You can also design all your branded products yourself on our templates.

Depending on your needs, choose the best-suiting service for you.




Preparing a Graphic Design, an artwork, one may say, in some cases can be really a work of art…

Approaching the deadline, customers are waiting, and the schedule is currently busy? Don’t worry! We have skilled graphic designers in the rainbowcups team who will help you create something unique.

Rainbowcups is available to you at every stage of the order, including creating artwork. We will check it, advise and suggest what works best or design your product prints from the ground up. There will be no surprises. You will always get the final Graphic Design to review and approve before hitting production. We can even prepare a visualization of the paper cup design as well as printed proof, but these are paid extra.
If you cut costs, you are welcome as well. At rainbowcups, you can design all custom-printed products by yourself. Just download our graphic design template for a paper cup, ice-cream cup, portioned sugar or any other branded product, and follow the guidelines within. In this way, you can make Graphic Design totally free for you.

Graphic Design of branded eco paper cups, ice-cream cups, portioned sugar customised with individually printed logo: rainbowcups customised paper cup graphic design
Graphic Design of branded eco paper cups, ice-cream cups, portioned sugar customised with individually printed logo: VIS Product Visualisation - custom printed paper cup
Graphic Design of branded eco paper cups, ice-cream cups, portioned sugar customised with individually printed logo: KPI-200TW (10) Thermal Double Wall (TW) coffee paper cup with customised print 200-250 ml, 8 oz (VIS2)

Branded paper cup graphic design on rainbowcups’ template

Visualisation (3D render)

Final product picture

Be sure to choose the right graphic design service for you.

Rainbowcups graphic designer can prepare a graphic design for you from scratch or apply your Logo or rectangular graphic design on a bent rainbowcups’ template of the selected product. We can also prepare a visualisation of the product or prepare a sample print to check the colours.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of all graphic design services, that we offer. Be sure to pick exactly the one you desire.

Service code

Service name

Service description


Full Graphic Design

Don’t you have time or an idea for a print that will reflect the character of your company? Our team will do it for you!

You will receive three original graphic sketches, from which you will choose the one, that you like the most. Then we will work together to refine it according to your guidelines in three rounds of adjustments. When it is ready, we will adapt it to the products you order. It can be for example three sizes of paper cups. At the end, you will receive from us a visualisation of one selected product.


Simple Graphic Design

This is the perfect option if you need someone to help you quickly put on our template only the Logo on both sides of the cup.

During the cooperation, you will have three rounds of adjustments to use. No additional texts, shapes or backgrounds are covered. Each such design is counted separately for one selected product, its size, or capacity.


Graphic Design Adjustment

This is an option for you if you already have a graphic design, but need some minor adjustments.

Perhaps your graphic designer has prepared a rectangular graphic design, and now it has to be bent and put on our template, or for example, it requires changing of some texts. As always, we limit the adjustments to three rounds.
Or maybe this time, you don’t want to change anything, but only to order a paper cup of a different size with the same print as before? In such a situation, we will adapt your graphic design into rainbowcups’ relevant product template.

You wonder – Shall I order SGD or GDC, what is the difference? It really does not matter, as they are priced the same. Just order the adequate amount in relation to designs to be adjusted.


My Own Design

Free option to design everything yourself.

You have skills, tools and time, and you take full responsibility for your own design. You will deliver the print-ready graphic design on the relevant rainbowcups’ product template (you can download them here: How to Design Branded Paper Cup). Everything will be prepared according to rainbowcups guidelines listed in the product template and properly checked by you and/or your client.

It is an option for experienced graphic designers or advertising agencies, which have their own graphic designers. Nevertheless, we do not encourage you to do it unless you prepare paper cup designs frequently and have substantial experience with it. From our experience, even seasoned graphic designers often make mistakes when preparing paper cup designs due to their cone-shaped geometry. On the other hand, preparing designs for other products like branded sugar is not that complex.


Product Visualisation

Wondering what your chosen bespoke printed product will look like?

We will make a product visualisation based on a ready-made graphic design, which you will provide us with. It will be a 2D render of a 3D model with your graphic on it. Each such visualisation is counted separately for the selected product, its size, or capacity.


Sample Printout

Are you afraid that the colours in print will work the way you want them to?

Order a proof, which is a calibrated digital printout simulating the colours of the final product and look at it at your place in various lighting conditions. Be aware, however, that minor deviations in colour are still possible due to the use of different paper and printing techniques, but still, it is a much better method of colour evaluation than looking at it on a computer screen.