Biodegradable ECO wooden coffee stirrers 190 mm x 5 mm

Eco-friendly extra-long 190 mm coffee stirrers. Natural birchwood stirrers are ideal for coffee, tea, and other beverages.

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Coffee Stirrers are important. It just cannot be plastic or too short.

Have you wondered which way your customers mix their coffee at most? Right? Left?

No? That is good because thinking of it would be a total waste of your time. What matters is whether stirrers are eco-friendly and nice-looking, and our birchwood coffee stirrers are both. But do not fool yourself – coffee or tea will not get sweet from the stirring itself! That is why you need to check also rainbowcups printed portioned sugar sachets or fingers filled in with white or cane sugar. The eco-friendly fibre lids are important too.


Birchwood is considered an eco-friendly material for stirrers due to its sustainability and biodegradability. Harvesting birchwood is typically done in a responsible manner, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. The use of birchwood stirrers aligns with eco-conscious practices, as they are derived from a renewable resource and decompose naturally, reducing the ecological footprint associated with single-use items.

Branded paper cups customised with individually printed logo: KPI-200DW (10) Sleeve Double Wall (DW) paper cup for coffe to go 200-250 ml, 8 oz individually printed, L80-PS-WH (01), CBS-P, TMK-2L

Natural and wooden aesthetic

Birchwood stirrers are commonly used in beverage service to mix and stir drinks. These lightweight and disposable stirrers are ideal for coffee, tea, cocktails, and other beverages. Their natural and wooden aesthetic also adds a touch of eco-friendly charm to the serving experience.

S19ECO-WOOD – Biodegradable ECO wooden stirrers 190 mm x 5 mm

The Biodegradable ECO extra-long Wooden Stirrers, measuring 190 mm x 5 mm, stands as a conscientious alternative in the realm of coffee accessories. Crafted from sustainably sourced birchwood, this stirrer embodies eco-friendly principles by promoting biodegradability and reducing environmental impact.

Designed with versatility in mind, the extra-long 190 mm length and 5 mm width make it an ideal companion for a diverse array of beverage scenarios. In coffee shops and cafes, these stirrers gracefully mix and blend aromatic brews, providing a sustainable solution for those seeking an eco-conscious coffee experience. The wooden aesthetic not only adds a touch of natural charm to the serving ritual but also aligns with the growing trend of embracing organic, earth-friendly materials.

In cocktail bars and upscale establishments, the Biodegradable Wooden Stirrers become a stylish and environmentally responsible choice for crafting signature drinks. Bartenders can effortlessly stir and present beverages with a touch of sophistication, all while contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic waste.

Beyond commercial settings, these stirrers find utility in various social and catering events. From catering to corporate gatherings, the 190 mm x 5 mm dimensions make them a convenient choice for stirring beverages on a range of occasions, blending practicality with a commitment to sustainability.

What sets these extra-long wooden stirrers apart is not just their length or functional efficacy but also their positive environmental impact. Being biodegradable, they break down naturally over time, leaving behind no lasting ecological footprint. This makes them a responsible choice for individuals, businesses, and events striving to embrace eco-friendly practices without compromising on quality or convenience.

As consumers increasingly gravitate towards sustainable alternatives, the rainbowcups’ Eco-friendly extra-long Birchwood Coffee Stirrers stand out as a symbol of responsible consumption, offering a tangible way to make a positive difference in the world, one stir at a time.


To read more about ecology, please go to Environmental Sustainability

Additional information

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Maximum beverage temperature [°C]


Packing specifications

S19ECO-WOOD Biodegradable ECO wooden stirrer 190 mm x 5 mm
Box Number of pieces per box 5000 pcs
Number of bags per box 5 pcs
Number of pieces per bag 1000 pcs
Box dimensions [cm x cm x cm] 38x17x21
Gross weight per box 4.7 kg
GTIN / EAN code 5905514740778
Courier parcel Number of pieces per courier parcel 30000 pcs
Boxes per courier parcel 6 pcs
Gross weight per courier parcel 29.2 kg
Euro pallet Number of pieces per euro pallet 450000 pcs
Number of boxes per euro pallet 90 pcs
Height of euro pallet 180 cm
Gross weight of euro pallet 450 kg


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100 000 – 199 000 pcs 1 week
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