Branded Paper Cups Comparison

In this branded paper cups comparison, you can see the differences between many types of custom printed paper cups, as well as customized plastic cups.

Have a look at how different branded paper cups compare, also, toward custom printed PET plastic cups. You will find which bespoke printed paper cups fit best your needs or usage scenario based on their thermal insulation, print colour saturation, or price. At the bottom of this custom paper cups comparison, you will find shortcuts to respective products from each type.


SW – Single Wall Paper Cups

DW – Sleeve Double Wall Paper Cups

TW – Thermal Double Wall Paper Cups

PET/rPET/PLA – Plastic Cups


Branded PET plastic cup


SW – single wall branded paper cup made of a single layer of paper – has the lowest thermal insulation. It features a nice print in a semi-matte finish. The colours are much less saturated than in the case of other cups. This is a typical cup for water or juice, primarily used in water dispensers. It is the cheapest cup as well as out of all cups most significant quantity packs on one euro pallet, so these cups are also the most economical to transport.

DW – custom printed single wall paper cup made of a double layer of paper glued together – average thermal insulation. Very well looking glossy print, vivid colours, picture-like quality. The most popular cup used for advertising or marketing campaigns, sometimes also used for coffee to go. They might get stuck together due to their rigid walls. Customers appreciate its rigid walls and outstanding price-quality ratio.

TW – customized double wall paer cup made of a double layer of paper which is the best way to insulate heat – between two sheets of paper, there is about 1-2 mm thick air pocket. At the bottom, it has about 12 mm high unprinted white “foot”. High-quality glossy print, vivid colours, picture-like quality. Typical cup for takeaway coffee. These cups are valued for their high quality and best thermal insulation among those who prise their customers’ satisfaction the most.

PET/rPET/PLA – bespoke printed clear plastic cup. Printing options depend on the quantity ordered. rPET is high-quality recycled plastic. It is the most transparent, clear, and it has the smoothest surface. It is also the most rigid plastic used in cups. Mostly used by bars and fitness studios for lemonade, shake, and fresh juice, to show what is inside the cup, and its content is not too hot.


Companies – cups for water dispensers, juice.

Advertising – product sampling, events, picnics.

Advertising – trade fairs, conferences, product sampling.

Cafe, bakery, bar, hotel, pastry – coffee, tea.

Bar, fitness – lemonade, smoothie, fresh juice, shake, latte, beer.

Max beverage temperature

95 ⁰C

95 ⁰C

95 ⁰C

60 ⁰C

Material layers

One layer of PE/PLA/water-based coated paper.

Two layers of PE/PLA/water-based coated paper are glued together.

Two layers of PE/PLA/water-based coated paper, with an air pocket in between them.

One layer of PET, PLA, or rPET plastic, which is PET from recycling.

Thermal insulation

Delivery cost


Products shortcuts

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In addition to custom printed paper cups, RainbowCups also offers custom-printed portioned sugar, eco-friendly fibre lids for paper cups, and wooden coffee stirrers as well as other accessories. All of these products can be printed with your brand’s colours and logos, providing a complete, eco-friendly solution for your business. We can also take over the graphic design of your individualised paper cups as we got quite experienced with it so far. You just tell us what you dream about, and we will take care to make it true.

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