180-200 ml / 7 oz – Single Wall (SW) paper cup with custom print

Single Wall Paper Cups are ideal for cold drinks like water or juice on events like festivals, picnics or marathons. The paper cup capacity of 180-200 ml or 7 oz of the beverage is the best size for water dispensers.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1,000 - 1,999 0.096 
2,000 - 4,999 0.101 
5,000 - 9,999 0.097 
10,000 - 19,999 12.5 % 0.084 
20,000 - 29,999 16.67 % 0.080 
30,000 - 49,999 25 % 0.072 
50,000 - 99,999 29.17 % 0.068 
100,000+ 39.58 % 0.058 



Bespoke-printed Single Wall Paper Cups (SW) are ideal for cold drinks and events like festivals, shows, picnics or charity runs.

Branded single wall paper cups are an excellent way for companies to convey their advertising messages or logo to a broad audience. Many businesses use customized single wall paper cups with logo for water dispensers for their employees or clients.

SW paper cups have a Single Wall. Therefore, they have the lowest heat insulation, so they are far from perfect for drinking hot tea or coffee. They fit best in the office, in the waiting room of any sort, in the kindergarten or school, in the clinic, or at the dentist. Some clients even use them at the gym for protein drinks, others for lemonade, and some even for cold beer or other drinks at party clubs or festivals.


It uses paper coated with a thin layer of polyethene PE, typically around 15 micrometres. This product complies with all applicable standards. It is a paper cup that is ideal for both cold and hot drinks.

Low thermal insulation (SW)

It is a Single Wall Paper Cup (SW) whose walls consist of only one layer of paper and, therefore, has the lowest thermal insulation. In the case of hot drinks, they can burn hands, so it is best suited for cold drinks such as juice or water.

Branded paper cups customised with individually printed logo: KPI-180SW (15) Single Wall (SW) paper cup 180-200 ml  7 oz with individual print (many)

For water and cold drinks

This cup is ideal when you need a water cup for your employees or customers, want to sample your beverages or simply consume large quantities of cups. It is often ordered for beverage vending machines or water dispensers. Its undeniable advantage is the price – both the cost of its production and transport is the lowest.

High-quality print

The print on this cup is outstanding, and the colours are crisp, although not as saturated as on the double wall paper cups. Especially on the large homogeneous surfaces, slight non-uniformities may appear because the waterproof paper absorbs less paint than the smoothed paper used in the outer layer of double-layer paper cups. The print finish is to be chosen based on availability, and each time requires confirmation. Otherwise, it will be random.

KPI-180SW – Single Wall (SW) paper cup 180-200 ml / 7 oz with custom print

ideal for a multitude of occasions and venues. These custom-printed, individually designed paper cups are the perfect canvas for showcasing your brand, logo, or personalised message. Crafted with precision and care, these paper cups are not only practical but also serve as a unique branding opportunity.

The below scenarios showcase the versatility of rainbowcups single-wall paper cups, making them a valuable asset for various industries and occasions. Whether it’s promoting your brand in the office, keeping students refreshed at school, maintaining a professional atmosphere in healthcare settings, or adding a touch of uniqueness to fitness centres and entertainment venues, rainbowcups custom-printed paper cups make a statement wherever they’re used.


  1. Office Water Dispensers:

    In many office settings, customised 180-200 ml (7 oz) single-wall paper cups with your company logo are the perfect fit for water dispensers. These paper cups promote hydration while reinforcing your brand identity, making them an excellent addition to offices, waiting rooms, and client meeting areas.


  2. Trade Shows and Expos:

    Stand out at trade shows and exhibitions with your individually designed 180-200 ml (7 oz) single-wall paper cups. These paper cups, featuring your company logo, are the perfect size for serving beverages that keep attendees refreshed throughout the event.


  3. Corporate Conferences and Events:

    Elevate your corporate events with rainbowcups 180-200 ml (7 oz) custom-branded single-wall paper cups. These perfectly sized paper cups are not only practical but also an ideal canvas to showcase your brand, logo, or personalised message.


  4. Outdoor Picnics and Events:

    Host outdoor picnics and events with style using your 180-200 ml (7 oz) custom-branded paper cups. These paper cups add a personal touch to your gatherings while serving cold beverages like lemonade, iced water, or fruit punch.


  5. Educational Institutions:

    For educational institutions, rainbowcups 180-200 ml (7 oz) single-wall paper cups are just the right size for events like open houses, fundraisers, and sports days. Serve chilled drinks with your institution’s pride and spirit displayed on each cup.


  6. Kindergartens:

    Kindergartens are places of creativity, learning, and fun, and your custom-printed 180-200 ml (7 oz) paper cups fit perfectly into this environment. These paper cups, featuring delightful designs and perhaps the kindergarten’s logo, are a charming way to serve water and other beverages to young learners. They not only promote hydration but also create a sense of belonging and identity within the kindergarten community, making each cup a memorable part of a child’s day.


  7. Healthcare Facilities:

    In clinics and dental offices, rainbowcups 180-200 ml (7 oz) custom-branded single-wall paper cups are hygienic and practical. Patients can stay refreshed while waiting for appointments, and your clinic’s logo on each cup adds a professional touch to the environment.


  8. Fitness Centers and Gyms:

    Fitness enthusiasts at gyms appreciate your 180-200 ml (7 oz) custom-printed paper cups for their protein shakes and refreshing drinks. These paper cups are the right size for serving beverages to keep gym-goers energised and motivated during their workouts. Nevertheless, we would instead suggest using paper cups of greater capacity in such a scenario.


  9. Artisan Cafés and Bakeries:

    At artisan cafés and bakeries, where every detail matters, rainbowcups 180-200 ml (7 oz) custom-printed paper cups shine. Although they’re not suited for hot beverages, they are perfect for showcasing your unique brand while serving cold brews, fruit juices, or smoothies.


  10. Food Trucks and Street Vendors:

    Whether you’re selling chilled desserts, freshly squeezed juices, or iced teas, rainbowcups custom-printed 180-200 ml (7 oz) paper cups are an excellent choice for mobile food businesses. They’re the perfect size for your refreshing offerings.


  11. Sampling Events:

    During promotional events, companies often use 180-200 ml (7 oz) individualised paper cups to offer samples of their products, such as beverages or snacks. The paper cups are easily portable and allow consumers to try different items.


  12. Entertainment Venues:

    For party clubs and festivals, your custom-printed 180-200 ml (7 oz) paper cups offer a stylish way to serve cold beer and other beverages. These paper cups, with your unique design, can enhance the overall experience for patrons at any entertainment event. But for such usage, we would instead suggest paper cups of a much bigger capacity.


  13. Sports Events:

    From local sports tournaments to major athletic competitions, our custom-printed 180-200 ml (7 oz) paper cups are a versatile choice for quenching the thirst of both participants and spectators. These paper cups can proudly display team logos, event sponsors, or commemorative designs, enhancing the overall experience for attendees. Athletes can stay refreshed with water or energy drinks, while fans can enjoy their favourite beverages in paper cups adorned with team colours. Whether it’s a marathon, football match, or a charity run, our paper cups offer a practical and engaging way to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and community.


In summary, rainbowcups 180-200 ml (7 oz) single-wall paper cups are versatile and perfectly suited for a wide range of scenarios where hot beverages are not the primary focus. Whether you need branded paper cups for corporate events, trade shows, sports events, food trucks, outdoor gatherings, or educational institutions, your individually printed paper paper cups are your canvas for creative and effective branding. Elevate your brand’s visibility with these stylish and customisable paper cups, making a statement wherever they go. Choose your unique design and let your brand shine on every sip.

The print colours on Single Wall (SW) paper cups have significantly less saturation than in other types of paper cups.

The maximum percentage of the process inks (sum of 4 CMYK components) on matt single wall paper cups (SW) is 140%. As a result, the colours are much less saturated than in the case of DW and TW cups. In particular, dark colours are pale, and black becomes grey. This effect is more visible when choosing matte finishing.

When ordering SW cups, always confirm the availability of the type of finish (gloss/matte), otherwise it will be produced and delivered randomly.

These cups are definitely the cheapest custom printed paper cups with large volumes.

These cups are available with individual printing, which is available in rainbowcups starting from 1000 pieces (depending on the cups size/capacity). They are perfectly matching with our lids and birchwood stirrers. To see more pictures and videos of this paper cup and other products, check our portfolio page.

Comparing Single-Wall (SW) and Double-Wall Paper Cups (TW).

While single-wall paper cups are not designed for hot drinks due to their limited heat insulation, double-wall cups excel in this area. Double-wall cups are ideal for serving hot coffee, tea, or other warm beverages while still offering custom branding opportunities.

These branded Single Wall Paper Cups (SW) insulate heat the least of all types of custom-printed paper cups.

These are perfect paper cups for cold drinks. If you are thinking of to using them for a hot tea or coffee, though, we suggest that it is much better to use rainbowcups Thermal Double Wall Paper Cups (TW) instead. Make sure to check the detailed comparison between SW and TW cups in Branded Paper Cups Comparison

Additional information

Weight 0.0002 kg


Beverage volume

180-200 ml / 7 oz

Thermal insulation





Coated paper (PE barrier)



Custom print


Printing sides


Printing colours

Full-colour (CMYK)

Print finishing


Top diameter [mm]


Height [mm]


Bottom diameter [mm]


Maximum beverage temperature [°C]


Fits with

L70-PS-BL, L70-PS-WH

Packing specifications

KPI-180SW Single Wall (SW) paper cup 180-200 ml / 7 oz with individual print
Box Number of pieces per box 2500 pcs
Number of bags per box 25 pcs
Number of pieces per bag 100 pcs
Box dimensions [cm x cm x cm] 39x39x66
Gross weight per box 14.6 kg
GTIN / EAN code 5905514740402
Courier parcel Number of pieces per courier parcel 5000 pcs
Boxes per courier parcel 2 pcs
Gross weight per courier parcel 29.8 kg
Euro pallet Number of pieces per euro pallet 45000 pcs
Number of boxes per euro pallet 18 pcs
Height of euro pallet 213 cm
Gross weight of euro pallet 263 kg


Products might look different than in pictures and have different specifications, especially regarding packing.

Delivery time and other

Pcs ordered Delivery time
1 000 pcs 8 weeks
2 000 – 4 000 pcs 8 weeks
5 000 – 9 000 pcs 8 weeks
10 000 – 19 000 pcs 8 weeks
20 000 – 29 000 pcs 8 weeks
30 000 – 49 000 pcs 8 weeks
50 000 – 99 000 pcs 8 weeks
100 000 – 199 000 pcs 8 weeks
EXPRESS (paid extra, requires confirmation of availability)
1 000 – 20 000 pcs Not available


The above-provided delivery times are valid for courier service only (for example, GLS courier parcels). Please read all the remarks below. Please also take into consideration that we cannot start production until the graphic design is finished (on the rainbowcups design template), checked and accepted, so the delivery time is also depending on you.

Delivery time

Delivery time is counted from the moment of acceptance of graphic design on the rainbowcups template and incoming of the prepayment (both conditions have to be fulfilled).

Delivery time will be additionally prolonged by all the holidays or days free of work that occur in the meantime.

If you want us to deliver to Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, northern Sweden, Finland or any other remote areas or islands, it may take about 1 week more to deliver there on top of what we state. Prices apply only for the European continental part of countries, so do not expect us to deliver, for example, to Greenland, French Guiana or Canary Islands or any other islands using these…

We do not agree on Incoterm EXW (clients’ transport and pick up of goods from our warehouse).

If you want us to deliver by Euro pallet service

For quantities of goods of about one, two euro pallets or more, sometimes it might be cheaper or safer to deliver goods on euro pallets, especially to some main cities. It is not a general rule as for some products or destinations, the package service will always be cheaper, especially in the case of any remote areas.

Please remember that when choosing Euro pallet delivery, there is no bringing the parcel into the premises included nor the help of the driver with the unpacking. If you do not have a warehouse with a ramp, and you need a car with a lift – you need to stress this out.

If you want us to calculate the euro pallets shipment cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and provide us with: the quantity of goods ordered, SKUs, destination country, postal code and city so that we can return to you with a quotation the next day. Delivery time might also slightly differ from the above.

Taxes and customs

Please check your company’s VAT number at VIES: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/, if you are eligible for 0% VAT intra-Community supply of goods within the EU. For deliveries outside Poland but within the EU, VAT does not apply – it is 0%. If you do not have a valid EU VAT number, we must add 23% VAT to your order. For deliveries outside the EU, customers must pay all the additional taxes like VAT, and import customs (we deliver according to GLS “Incoterm 40 DAP, cleared”).

An additional fee applies per each order or shipment (not package) for customs clearance of every separate shipment to the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia or anywhere else outside the EU. Due to customs clearance procedures, it is impossible to send goods directly to customers outside the EU in a no-name fashion (without our invoice inside). In courier service, we deliver according to GLS “Incoterm 40 DAP, cleared” delivery terms, so it means that usually, you also have to pay VAT and import customs if they apply in your home country. In the case of pallet service, depending on the provider, the delivery terms might differ. Customs clearance time, and therefore delivery time, also depends on your efficiency and cooperation with customs officials.


Rainbowcups is responsible for defects in products sold within 6 months of delivery (tested according to ISO 2859, AQL of 2,5 for leaking).

Detailed Terms and Conditions are set out in: https://www.rainbowcups.eu/files/Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

Here, you can also download the Declaration of Conformity for our products: https://www.rainbowcups.eu/files/rainbowcups-DoC.pdf

Download the PDF design template

Download the paper cup design template 

You can prepare the graphic design of the print yourself using the template below. Pay attention to all guidelines, especially those listed on the second page of the template. There is also guidance on how to check the ready design. All this is very important and affects the final result.

Please also check our pages related to designing paper cups: The Ultimate Guide to Designing Branded Paper Cups for Your Business and How to Design Branded Paper Cup

However, if you need help, you can use our additional services and design it with us, or we can design it entirely for you.