400-450 ml / 16 oz – Thermal Double Wall (TW) biodegradable ECO paper cup with custom print

Thermal Wall are the type of Double Wall ECO Paper Cups that best insulate the heat of hot drinks. The paper cup capacity of 400-450 ml or 16 oz of the beverage is an ideal size for a large coffee or tea.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1,000 - 1,999 0.207 
2,000 - 4,999 0 % 0.215 
5,000 - 9,999 0 % 0.210 
10,000 - 19,999 12.56 % 0.181 
20,000 - 29,999 16.43 % 0.173 
30,000 - 49,999 21.74 % 0.162 
50,000 - 99,999 26.09 % 0.153 
100,000+ 32.85 % 0.139 



Customised Thermal Double-Wall Biodegradable Paper Cups (TW) are definitely the best choice for cafés, hotels, bars, and confectioneries for serving hot tea or coffee for takeaway.

Our customers use these eco-friendly paper cups in places, that offer their customers the highest quality of service. They also use custom printed environmentally-safe paper cups in gastronomies for takeaway coffee and tea.


It is a paper cup that is fully biodegradable. In its production, we use paper coated with a safe for people and the environment water-based barrier instead of PLA, so according to a common understanding of the SUP directive, you do not have to use the “plastic in product” logo, but to be sure, check your latest national regulations.

High thermal insulation (TW)

A Thermal Double Wall (TW) is a paper cup in which, between two layers of paper, we use a special hollow containing air, which insulates the hand from the heat of the beverage. By using this technology, this cup best insulates heat from all types of our products, making it best suited for take-away hot drinks like coffee to go.

Branded biodegradable paper cups customised with individually printed logo: KPI-400TW-BIO, KPI-300TW-BIO (10) Thermal Double Wall (TW-BIO) coffee biodegradable ECO paper cup with custom Logo print 400-450 ml, 300-350 ml, 16 oz, 12 oz (800)

For hot drinks to go

Excellent print quality goes hand in hand with the best thermal insulation. It is most often chosen by gastronomies – cafes, confectioneries and restaurants. It also works well in exclusive service points such as hotels, SPAs and car dealerships. It will be your best choice if you want to serve your customers with the best experience while drinking hot coffee or tea.

Excellent print quality

If you dream about the best print quality, this is the cup for you. The colours are vivid and comparable to those of a colour magazine. All details are accurate and sharp. This cup has a white, unprinted “foot” at the bottom of the cup, of about 1 cm in height. The print finish is glossy.

KPI-400TW – Thermal Double Wall (TW) eco-friendly paper cups 400-450 ml / 16 oz with individual print

are versatile and widely used in various settings due to their large size and disposable nature, and are perfect for a wide range of eco-conscious scenarios:


  1. Indulge Sustainably at Branded Cafés and Coffee Shops:

    Step into the world of flavour at your favourite cafés and coffee shops with rainbowcups’ custom-branded 400-450ml (16 oz) eco paper cups. Enjoy the rich goodness of lattes and cappuccinos, all in a cup that respects the environment with its eco-conscious design, ensuring your coffee moments last longer.


  2. Eco-Friendly Breaks in Your Workspace:

    Elevate your work breaks with our 400-450ml (16 oz) personalised paper cups, specially designed to hold your preferred hot or cold beverages. Stay focused and fuelled during demanding workdays, all while reducing your environmental footprint with our sustainable cups.


  3. Flavourful Fun at Themed Parties and Gatherings:

    Infuse fun and flavour into gatherings with rainbowcups’ 400-450ml (16 oz) recyclable paper cups. These cups serve as a canvas for creativity, accommodating creative concoctions, mocktails, and cocktails that capture the spirit of your event. Enjoy eco-friendly partying with every sip.


  4. Stay Refreshed with Sustainable Choices:

    Opt for individually printed 400-450ml (16 oz) eco-friendly paper cups at water stations, reducing plastic waste and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Stay hydrated with refreshing sips from a cup that’s both green and refreshingly roomy, with no need for SUP “Plastic in Product” logos.


  5. Bold Branding at Sampling Events:

    Make a lasting impression at your sampling events with our custom-branded 400-450ml (16 oz) paper cups. Imprint your brand on an eco-conscious canvas that showcases your product and embraces sustainability, leaving attendees with a flavourful memory.


  6. Elevate Outdoor Experiences:

    Enjoy the outdoors at picnics and festivals with 400-450ml (16 oz) ecologically sound paper cups. Whether it’s lemonades or mocktails, these cups offer the freedom to relish the flavours of your outdoor adventures while supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  7. Mobile Delights with Flavour:

    Mobile beverage trucks thrive with rainbowcups’ 400-450ml (16 oz) custom printed paper cups, offering a world of delightful refreshments on wheels. Enjoy your favourite blends and concoctions with ample space for creative ingredients and vivid branding, all in an eco-friendly package.


  8. Sip and Share Knowledge:

    Enhance the seminar experience with our 400-450ml (16 oz) customised paper cups, allowing participants to enjoy a more indulgent portion of hot beverages during breaks. Foster moments of reflection and conversation with eco-friendly cups that accommodate longer discussions.


  9. Comfort in Healthcare Spaces:

    Find comfort in healthcare waiting rooms with custom-printed 400-450ml (16 oz) paper cups, offering patients a more substantial serving of soothing beverages. Ease the wait with every sip from a cup that holds warmth and care while being environmentally safe.


  10. Joyful Dining for Young Ones:

    Family-friendly dining establishments bring joy to young diners with 400-450ml (16 oz) personalised paper cups. These cups provide ample space for their favourite drinks, adding to the delight of every mealtime moment, all in an eco-conscious manner.


  11. Revitalize Responsibly at Fitness Centres:

    Rehydrate responsibly after intense workouts with 400-450ml (16 oz) custom-branded paper cups, offering the ideal size for replenishing fluids and restoring energy levels. Sip your way to fitness success with every revitalizing gulp while supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  12. Elegance in Every Sip:

    Upscale catered events reach new heights of sophistication with our 400-450ml (16 oz) custom-printed paper cups. Elevate the beverage experience, allowing guests to indulge in luxurious sips that complement the refined ambience of your occasion, all in an environmentally-conscious manner.


  13. Eco-Conscious Meetings and Conferences:

    Make your corporate gatherings more sustainable with rainbowcups’ 400-450ml (16 oz) custom-branded paper cups. Participants can sip on their preferred beverages, fostering a green mindset while engaging in informative sessions, all in an eco-friendly manner.


  14. Sip Responsibly at Food Trucks and Street Vendors:

    Street food enthusiasts can now enjoy their meals with a side of eco-friendliness, thanks to rainbowcups’ 400-450ml (16 oz) personalised paper cups. Food vendors can custom brand these cups, offering a sustainable choice to customers on the go.


  15. Eco-Friendly Festivals and Concerts:

    Large-scale events like festivals and concerts can reduce their environmental impact by serving beverages in our 400-450ml (16 oz) custom-printed paper cups. Patrons can enjoy their favourite drinks while supporting an eco-conscious approach to event management.


  16. Promote Sustainability at Schools and Universities:

    Educational institutions can promote eco-friendliness with rainbowcups’ 400-450ml (16 oz) customised paper cups. Students and faculty can enjoy beverages during lectures, study sessions, and school events, all while reducing waste and showcasing their school’s logo or message.


Experience a world of eco-friendly possibilities with rainbowcups’ custom-printed 400-450ml (16 oz) biodegradable paper cups. Unlock a realm of flavours, creativity, and convenience while caring for our planet, in various settings and for diverse users, ensuring that every sip is a journey worth savouring while leaving a positive impact.

By folding out the paper at the bottom, a thermally insulating layer of air is created between the two layers of paper.

Thermal Double Wall Paper Cups (TW) are the subtype of environmentally-friendly Double Wall Branded Paper Cups that, thanks to their unique design, are the best to insulate the heat of hot drinks.

A vivid and colourful print ends at the bottom with an unprinted white footer.

Rainbowcups produces these sustainable paper cups with a custom print from as little as 1000 pieces. They are perfectly matching with biodegradable PLA or eco-friendly fibre coffee lids and birchwood stirrers. To see more pictures and videos of this ecologically sound paper cup and other products, check our portfolio page.

These branded Thermal Double Wall ECO Paper Cups (TW) best insulate the heat of hot drinks among all types of custom printed paper cups.

To read more about ecology, please go to Environmental Sustainability

How these cups compare in detail to other personalised paper cups we offer, you can check in Branded Paper Cups Comparison

Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg


Beverage volume

400-450 ml / 16 oz

Thermal insulation





Coated paper (water-based barrier)



Custom print


Printing sides


Printing colours

Full-colour (CMYK)

Print finishing


Top diameter [mm]


Height [mm]


Bottom diameter [mm]


Maximum beverage temperature [°C]


Fits with


Packing specifications

KPI-400TW-BIO Thermal Double Wall (TW) biodegradable paper cup 400-450 ml / 16 oz with individual print
Box Number of pieces per box 500 pcs
Number of bags per box 20 pcs
Number of pieces per bag 25 pcs
Box dimensions [cm x cm x cm] 39x39x66
Gross weight per box 9.0 kg
GTIN / EAN code 5905514740334
Courier parcel Number of pieces per courier parcel 1000 pcs
Boxes per courier parcel 2 pcs
Gross weight per courier parcel 18.6 kg
Euro pallet Number of pieces per euro pallet 9000 pcs
Number of boxes per euro pallet 18 pcs
Height of euro pallet 213 cm
Gross weight of euro pallet 177 kg


Products might look different than in pictures and have different specifications, especially regarding packing.

Delivery time and other

Pcs ordered Delivery time
1 000 pcs 6 weeks
2 000 – 4 000 pcs 6 weeks
5 000 – 9 000 pcs 6 weeks
10 000 – 19 000 pcs 6 weeks
20 000 – 29 000 pcs 6 weeks
30 000 – 49 000 pcs 6 weeks
50 000 – 99 000 pcs 6 weeks
100 000 – 199 000 pcs 6 weeks
EXPRESS (paid extra, requires confirmation of availability)
1 000 – 20 000 pcs Not available

The above-provided delivery times are valid for courier service only (for example, GLS courier parcels). Please read all the remarks below. Please also take into consideration that we cannot start production until the graphic design is finished (on the rainbowcups design template), checked and accepted, so the delivery time is also depending on you.

Delivery time

Delivery time is counted from the moment of acceptance of graphic design on the rainbowcups template and incoming of the prepayment (both conditions have to be fulfilled).

Delivery time will be additionally prolonged by all the holidays or days free of work that occur in the meantime.

If you want us to deliver to Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, northern Sweden, Finland or any other remote areas or islands, it may take about 1 week more to deliver there on top of what we state. Prices apply only for the European continental part of countries, so do not expect us to deliver, for example, to Greenland, French Guiana or Canary Islands or any other islands using these…

We do not agree on Incoterm EXW (clients’ transport and pick up of goods from our warehouse).

If you want us to deliver by Euro pallet service

For quantities of goods of about one, two euro pallets or more, sometimes it might be cheaper or safer to deliver goods on euro pallets, especially to some main cities. It is not a general rule as for some products or destinations, the package service will always be cheaper, especially in the case of any remote areas.

Please remember that when choosing Euro pallet delivery, there is no bringing the parcel into the premises included nor the help of the driver with the unpacking. If you do not have a warehouse with a ramp, and you need a car with a lift – you need to stress this out.

If you want us to calculate the euro pallets shipment cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and provide us with: the quantity of goods ordered, SKUs, destination country, postal code and city so that we can return to you with a quotation the next day. Delivery time might also slightly differ from the above.

Taxes and customs

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An additional fee applies per each order or shipment (not package) for customs clearance of every separate shipment to the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia or anywhere else outside the EU. Due to customs clearance procedures, it is impossible to send goods directly to customers outside the EU in a no-name fashion (without our invoice inside). In courier service, we deliver according to GLS “Incoterm 40 DAP, cleared” delivery terms, so it means that usually, you also have to pay VAT and import customs if they apply in your home country. In the case of pallet service, depending on the provider, the delivery terms might differ. Customs clearance time, and therefore delivery time, also depends on your efficiency and cooperation with customs officials.


Rainbowcups is responsible for defects in products sold within 6 months of delivery (tested according to ISO 2859, AQL of 2,5 for leaking).

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Here, you can also download the Declaration of Conformity for our products: https://www.rainbowcups.eu/files/rainbowcups-DoC.pdf

Download the PDF design template

Download the cup template 

You can prepare the graphic design of the print yourself using the template below. Pay attention to all guidelines. This is very important and affects the final effect of your product.

However, if you need help, you can use our additional services and design it with us.