Coffee Lid 90 mm made from CPLA for 300-350 ml 12 oz and 400-450 ml 16 oz paper cups

PLA lids are used as sustainable covers for branded paper cups. These industrially compostable lids are designed to prevent spills and retain the heat of the beverage.




Paper Cups PLA Lids are the best friends of your customers. Tightly fitted, it will help them to drink coffee without the risk of spilling it.


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In any case, do not forget also about eco-friendly wooden coffee stirrers or portioned sugar with your custom printed logo on it.


CPLA, or crystallized polylactic acid, is an eco-friendly material commonly used in the production of paper cups lids. Derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane, CPLA is a bioplastic that offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. Through a process of polymerization, CPLA is created, and its crystallized structure enhances its heat resistance, making it suitable for hot beverage lids.

The drawback of these lids is that although they are industrially compostable, in reality, they are hard to distinguish from PS plastic lids, and therefore often improperly sorted as plastic, instead of being composted. Nevertheless being sustainable, and renewable, they are a way better for the environment than plastic lids.

Branded paper cups customised with individually printed logo: L90ECO-CPLA-BL (02) biodegradable ECO lid 90 mm made from CPLA for paper cups, black (front, with branded paper cup KPI-300DW )

Industrially compostable

CPLA paper cups lids are used to securely cover hot beverage paper cups, primarily for coffee and tea. Designed for convenience and hygiene, these PLA lids help prevent spills and maintain the temperature of the drink. Their eco-friendly nature aligns with sustainability goals in the food and beverage industry, offering a greener option for on-the-go coffee consumption.

What sets CPLA apart is its industrial compostability, meaning it can break down efficiently in commercial composting facilities. However, the challenge lies in its proper disposal, as CPLA items are often hard to sort and collect in everyday waste streams, hindering the realization of their full environmental benefits. Despite this drawback, PLA remains a promising choice for environmentally conscious individuals and businesses seeking alternatives to conventional plastic products.

L90ECO-CPLA-WH – Biodegradable ECO lid 90 mm made from CPLA for 300/400 SW/DW/TW paper cups , white

L90ECO-CPLA-BL – Biodegradable ECO lid 90 mm made from CPLA for 300/400 SW/DW/TW paper cups , black


PLA coffee lids, crafted to fit paper cups with a 90 mm top diameter and a capacity ranging from 300 to 350 ml (12 oz) as well as from 400 to 450 ml (16 oz), serve as an essential accessory in the world of bigger on-the-go beverages. Engineered for functionality and sustainability, these lids play a crucial role in enhancing the coffee-drinking experience while contributing to environmental responsibility.

In bustling urban environments, where individuals are constantly on the move, these PLA lids offer a spill-resistant solution for coffee and tea enthusiasts. Whether grabbing a morning pick-me-up on the way to work or savouring a large hot beverage during a leisurely stroll, the lids provide a secure seal to prevent accidental spills, ensuring that the delightful aroma and warmth of the drink are preserved until the last sip.

The 300-350 ml and 400-450 ml capacities align seamlessly with the standard sizes of popular coffee choices, catering to the needs of those enjoying a single cup of big or large coffee or tea. Whether it’s a quick caffeine fix during a short break or a serene moment of relaxation at a local park, the CPLA paper cups’ lids facilitate a mess-free and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, in office settings, these lids prove invaluable during meetings and work sessions. They allow professionals to multitask efficiently without worrying about spills on important documents or electronic devices. The lids’ compatibility with compostable cups further underscores their eco-friendly credentials, aligning with corporate sustainability initiatives.

Despite their practicality, the challenge lies in the proper disposal of CPLA lids. As they are industrially compostable, ideal scenarios involve disposing of them in dedicated composting facilities. However, the reality is that in many places, waste sorting facilities may struggle to effectively separate PLA from traditional plastics, limiting the lids’ ability to fully realize their eco-friendly potential.

In essence, CPLA coffee lids for 90 mm top-diameter paper cups stand at the intersection of convenience and sustainability. While offering a seamless and secure solution for on-the-go beverage enjoyment, the broader challenge remains to foster an infrastructure that supports the proper disposal and composting of these eco-conscious accessories.

Industrially compostable paper cups lids, that contribute to the sustainable economy, where CPLA can be composted, minimizing environmental impact.

To read more about ecology, please go to Environmental Sustainability page.

Additional information

Weight 0.00025 kg


Beverage volume

300-350 ml / 12 oz, 400-450 ml / 16 oz




PLA biopolymer


white, black

Custom print


Top diameter [mm]


Maximum beverage temperature [°C]


Fits with


Packing specifications

L90ECO-CPLA-WH Biodegradable ECO lid 90 mm made from CPLA for 300/400 SW/DW/TW paper cups , white
Box Number of pieces per box 1000 pcs
Number of bags per box 20 pcs
Number of pieces per bag 50 pcs
Box dimensions [cm x cm x cm] 39x48x25
Gross weight per box 4.6 kg
GTIN / EAN code 5905514740204
Courier parcel Number of pieces per courier parcel 5000 pcs
Boxes per courier parcel 5 pcs
Gross weight per courier parcel 23.6 kg
Euro pallet Number of pieces per euro pallet 40000 pcs
Number of boxes per euro pallet 40 pcs
Height of euro pallet 203 cm
Gross weight of euro pallet 204 kg


L90ECO-CPLA-BL Biodegradable ECO lid 90 mm made from CPLA for 300/400 SW/DW/TW paper cups , black
Box Number of pieces per box 1000 pcs
Number of bags per box 10 pcs
Number of pieces per bag 100 pcs
Box dimensions [cm x cm x cm] 47x20x47
Gross weight per box 4.0 kg
GTIN / EAN code 5905514740174
Courier parcel Number of pieces per courier parcel 5000 pcs
Boxes per courier parcel 5 pcs
Gross weight per courier parcel 20.6 kg
Euro pallet Number of pieces per euro pallet 36000 pcs
Number of boxes per euro pallet 36 pcs
Height of euro pallet 220 cm
Gross weight of euro pallet 164 kg


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20 000 – 29 000 pcs 3 weeks
30 000 – 49 000 pcs 5 weeks
50 000 – 99 000 pcs 6 weeks
100 000 – 199 000 pcs 7 weeks
EXPRESS (paid extra, requires confirmation of availability)
1 000 – 20 000 pcs Not available


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